Sunday, 18 October 2015

QVMAC - Notes From The Last Meeting

Draft minutes for the last QVMAC meeting have been prepared but may not be finalised until the next meeting so we have included below the list of Issues and Actions that have come from the meeting and some of our meeting notes to explain those issues plus other items under discussion.

Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee Meeting
Thursday 24 September 2015_________________________________________________________________

Invitation to City of Melbourne breakfast event, “Is your business digitally ready for the future?” on 23 October.  Approximately 100 delegates from other small businesses will be in attendance – Management would like suggestions for 5-10 QVM traders to attend

QVMAC members to consider and advise management of interested parties
Traders would like an update on the performance of Market Week activities

Management will provide Nunn Media report to QVMAC members when available
Stir Frydays - New Friday night offer will begin 9 October for an 8 week trial on Therry Street.  GM traders would like the opportunity to be involved with pop/up or showcase for cross promotion of day market

Management to liaise with traders in relation to options
Updates to the Draft Strategic Brief to be approved by the Board at October 2015 meeting and document then finalised
A marked up version of the document can be made available to traders
Trading Ideas sessions
Session on trading hours to be included in the program - calendar will be circulated to all traders.  Next session 9 November 2015.
QVMAC and Trader Governance Structures to be reviewed and updated
Management to work with QVMAC to convene a subcommittee and progress discussion paper
Traders would like car parking costs and free parking provision to be reviewed – suggest 2 hour free parking any time
Management has convened a subcommittee to investigate- first meeting held 1 October 2015
Meat and Fish Hall traders are unclear about process in relation to new leases
Management will issue a communication to relevant traders reconfirming steps
Traders would like more information in relation to plans for activation in A Shed
Management will provide a program of upcoming events/activation
Concerns over lighting levels in Dairy Hall
Management to follow up
Dairy Hall Letter of Comfort
The concept of the letter is agreed, the content is yet to be finalised. Subcommittee to be formed to discuss reasonable content from trader perspective.
507 Elizabeth Street Tenancy Status
Current lease expires February 2016.  Management will follow a commercial tender process to assess final proposals from shortlisted applicants
Queen Street Loading Areas
Market officers are now actively enforcing restrictions with infringement notices ($152 fine applies)

Item 2.4 Stir Frydays – we note that participation by GM Traders was actually activated on the first Friday of this event (9th October) and will continue for the 8 weeks.
Item 3.2 Trading Ideas Sessions – this refers to the Monday evening information and discussion session with a positive response expressed by traders on its first outing. The next session will be on 9th November with details to come.
Item 3.3 QVMAC and Trader Governance Structures – As reported elsewhere on, the role of the QVMAC has expanded significantly in recent times and this review will look at formalising its role so as to have greater relevance to the renewal process.
Item 3.4 Car Parking – this item refers to the cost of car parking and particularly a free parking period for shoppers. A sub-committee meeting on 1st October has been described as “most productive” and we are waiting on a full report.
Item 4.1 Meat and Fish Hall Leases – a number of shop leases have fallen due at the same time and some traders are unsure of the process from here. Management will communicate with traders to ensure a clearer understanding of the steps needed to renew leases.

Other Matters:
-        Christmas trading – a potential clash between the Night Market and Day Market on 23rd December has been avoided with the Night market not scheduled for that day. The Night Market is also not scheduled for 30th December.
-        A trader’s idea to activate the new Grand Final Friday public holiday for extended trading and special promotion was tabled. This would be reviewed in time for consideration in 2016.
-        Tenders for the provisioning of power to A&B sheds closed on 30th September.
-        A new Sunday offer is to be introduced with a focus on families with young children.
-        A magnetic vehicle sign highlighting the new QVM logo was presented to the meeting. It is intended that traders will be able to purchase the sign to promote their market involvement and quotes are being obtained.

The Queen Victoria Market Advisory Committee is a committee compromising elected QVM Trader Representatives from each market precinct and members of QVM management. The committee meets at regular intervals to discuss and advise on issues affecting the Queen Victoria Market. Meetings are attended by two QVM Board members and minutes distributed to the Board.