Sunday, 18 October 2015

QVMAC Trader Representative Invited To Market Conference

It might seem a small thing but an invitation for one of our Trader Representatives to attend a National Market Conference is seen as significant recognition.

The 2nd Annual National Markets’ Conference is being held in Sydney in November 2015. This meeting of major Australian retail and tourist Markets encourages the sharing of ideas, learning from industry experts and working together to ensure Market continue to strengthen and grow in the global retail landscape. David O’Neil is to be a guest speaker.

The conference is essentially for market owners, managers, and operators and not normally attended by trader representatives. The fact that QVM has offered an expenses paid opportunity for one of our QVMAC Trader Representatives to attend is most welcome and a positive sign for future trader/management relations. QVMAC Trader Representatives have been asked to nominate a delegate for the conference.