Sunday 10 April 2016

What Does "Market of Markets" Mean?

The vision of QVM as a “market of markets” has been well documented but when one of our traders asked the simple question, “what does it mean?” the answer was not quite so simple.

Before we reveal our take on the phrase we thought we should look at some references in formal QVM documentation -

The QVM Master Plan contained a number of references to “market of markets” including –
Strategic Directions:Strategic Direction 1-  A Market of Markets. A place that supports and encourages sustainable market trading in all its varieties → Upgrade existing facilities → Welcome people seven days a week → Support emerging small businesses → Introduce new markets and attract new customers → Encourage longer visits.”
Summary of key master plan proposals: - “Queen Victoria Market will be a ‘market of markets’, with a distinctive offer and experience in each of its main trading quarters, interlinked by a network of attractive public spaces and connected to the surrounding city by high quality streetscapes.”

The Strategic Brief for QVM renewal said “The Queen Victoria Market precinct is home to a diverse range of markets with something for everyone.”

And here is our take –

The Queen Victoria Market celebrates markets as a wonderfully stimulating way of doing business. Our environment offers vibrancy, energy, freshness, smell, and noise, but above all personal contact with passionate knowledgeable vendors.
And we exhibit all those characteristics through a whole range of markets, from car boot sales to high end food shops, with relevance to a whole range of customers including locals, regional and interstate visitors, and international tourists. We provide for children, young adults, adults and seniors. We have goods for all spending levels, for rich and poor.
We are a fresh food market, a ready-to-eat food market, a clothing market, a souvenir market, and the list goes on.
We operate day markets, night markets, and special occasion markets. We are a market for consumers, a market for businesses, a market for communities and a market for sellers.
We are indeed – “A market of markets for all humanity”