Sunday 3 April 2016

New Market 2 - Car Boot Sale

Here are some shots from Sunday's special market at the top of C Shed with the first example of a traditional car-boot sale. This market was described as a Car Boot/Trash'n'Treasure sale and is open to members of the public who wish to sell their no-longer needed clothing and homewares.

The presentation certainly appears amateurish, as you would expect. There were the odd items that could possibly attract collectors and this type of market does cater to those looking for a lost treasure. The community aspect of this type of market certainly has merit but does it present the right image for QVM? Opinion is certainly divided although a quick poll of traders suggested that the negative aspects of a Trash'n'Treasure concept probably outweigh any positives. 

Let's see how it progresses each Sunday. We would like to see more signage pushing the community aspect.

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