Sunday, 10 April 2016

Traders Get Recognition

Hard work, long hours, standing on your feet for 9 hours each day, sacrificing normal family life, and suffering the perils of fickle business trends, are all well known ingredients for market traders. Fortunately someone understands.

The City of Melbourne believes that small businesses including QVM Market Traders deserve recognition for the outstanding contribution they make to the fabric of our city. And they recognise that contribution through the Lord Mayor’s Commendations.

Any business with 10 years continuous trading can apply for a commendation with various levels depending on your years of service. It is free to enter, you attend a special function at the Town Hall one evening, mix with other traders and city business recipients, have your photo taken, receive your award and generally enjoy the warmth of appreciation from the city administrators. Many market traders have received awards over the years and we recommend your participation.

Follow this link for more details – Lord Mayor’s Commendations.