Sunday 2 October 2016

Free Wifi At QVM and CBD - A Great Initiative

The State Government has turned on its free wifi for the CBD and The Queen Vic Market has been chosen as a key location. The service is designed to give the public, including tourists, access to wifi at selected city locations and seems to be working well.

Simply logging on to Vicfree Wifi on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop gives you speedy internet access for free, or at least it is speedy in this early stage. Things may change once more people discover the service and start using it en masse.

The service is designed for personal use, not business use, and apparently there is a daily limit of 250mb. Customers will need to go into their phones wifi settings for the initial log in but it is then a simple one click process to log on and no passwords are needed.

Free wifi should be of great benefit to the public particularly tourists. Selecting The Queen Vic Market as a location is very positive for our market and a benefit that traders could sell to their customers as just another good reason for visiting the best market in the world.