Tuesday 4 April 2017

A POD Has Landed At QVM

"Landed" might be the wrong word because these things don't fly but they can be moved and they do look a little futuristic. This is the latest take on how we might raise the level of presentation at QVM whilst giving more convenience to traders. Is this the future for "real" markets?

We need to see a POD fully stocked to really assess how it looks and how it works. The next few months will see plenty of experimentation, as trader feedback fine tunes the format. How would you use a POD? Does it suit your business? What changes would you like to see to accommodate your stock presentation or what changes could you make to your stock presentation to accommodate a POD? You can check out the first POD in C Shed.

Thanks to John Magno for these photos.

05/04/2017 08:37:42 pods "I saw the pods  yesterday, and i think its a great idea, however the obstacles I see  is the traders who choose to have these, and are trading on  diff spot on a diff, day of the week, .. I don't think these can be moved they are big and heavy. 

Unless the pods are generic for all and then we just have our new style , much smaller ''storage' boxes . these will be minus all the heavy things like metal racks, trestles, table tops etc which  ..take room, and space, not to mention cost... 
instead of the the big bulky boxes we now have , wed have small slim ones to take some stock, for the next pod to use..

Needs a lot of fine tuning but its a good start." Andy

Good point Andy. I think the POD concept is intended for traders who stay in the same spot but you are suggesting they could still accommodate moving traders. - Ed