Sunday 23 April 2017

QVM POD Update - After 2 Weeks

Trader, Bruce Pham, believes he has the new POD display in C Shed pretty much right after two weeks of experimentation, and he has given us a bit of insight including how sales are going.

Bruce says he was surprised at how difficult it was to set up a new type of display. He was keen to keep the new facility "pure", and not use any of his old fittings from other stalls (Bruce's family operate other stalls in the market). He already had some modern display signs to identify his business and they fitted in well. He also engaged a merchandiser to help set up displays and make the most of a more professional setting.

Some Key Changes -
Setting up and packing down times - Bruce finds he can set up in about 25 minutes and pack down in 10 minutes (I can hear a collective sigh from traders reading this article - Ed). When asked if would change any aspect of the design, Bruce said he would put some fittings on wheels to simplify the process further.
Customer attitudes - Bruce finds customers are more respectful and less likely to demand discounts at the POD. A similar reaction was found by traders who moved to String Bean Alley.
Cleanliness - Bruce can now put out pure white socks without fear of soiling.

Bruce has set up a TV display in a prominent position and screens an excellent video about sock making and design, which has already gained thousands of views on social media. He is also screening other videos and photos relating to his business, and customers do stand and watch.

Sales - Bruce says sales from the POD are already nearing the sales of his family's other stalls and on one Saturday, the POD had the highest sales. Given its position in "one of the worst aisles in the market", he thinks that is a pretty good result.

We appreciate Bruce's willingness to share his experiences in the POD.