Sunday 16 April 2017

Retail News Briefs – 16/4/2017

Chinese Tourism Changing – Chinese tourists are about to outnumber NZ tourists for the first time. But the big change is in the way that the Chinese actually tour. We all have visions of large groups following a flag carrying guide (we have posted photos of this phenomena on Victraders) but Chinese tourists are now more likely to be independant, up-market travellers.
They are more discerning about their preferences, less rush, and more quality engagement, often including good wine and eating. Like many things in retail tourism stereotypes need to be regularly questioned.

Bucking The Trend – Australian eyewear retailer, Dresden, is bucking the trend of multiple frame styles, and prices, to offer just one frame style in 4 different sizes but with hundreds of colours. Their concentration on quality long lasting frames with a simple design has at least one major benefit. Customers can walk into their Sydney or Melbourne store and walk out 10 minutes later with their glasses. That is service.