Thursday 27 April 2017

Trader Comments - 27/4/2017

The following comments have been received following our article - Interfering Could Cost Us Our Market.

29/04/2017 22:54:15      Market Protest rally          "With more than 2000 members of Friends of QVM, more than 500 traders, thousands of regular market shoppers and the support of the unions, ex Prime Ministers and celebrity actors, all that could be mustered at Friday's "Save the Market" protest was about 150 people. Maybe people will now realise there is a silent majority that hope we can just get on with renewing the market  and securing its future for generations to come. "    A real friend of QVM

27/04/2017 19:14:21      Interfering Could Cost us our Market  "The Save QVM group (foqvm) has proven to be the Stifle QVM group. A lot of what they have said on their Facebook page has been quite distressing for some of my customers, especially given that a lot of the time they have twisted or even completely skewed the truth. 
There are so many perversions of the truth on their page but their latest attack on the pod in c shed has hit a sore point with me.  Using a picture of the pod when locked up was clearly a deliberate tactic to make the installation look as unattractive as possible - when the page owner is a shopper who sees it open during trading hours.  The language of the post was also directed to convince people that multiple pods had been installed on site, despite there only being the one unit currently.

What is the greatest pity of this? When open Bruce's display looked fantastic - his use of the pod really let his products take centre stage and elevated them to another level.  I'd also like to congratulate Bruce on being willing to take the risk and trial something innovative like the Pod."

27/4/2017 13:24 Interfering.... "On the one hand we (the traders) have limited facts and information around the all important details of so much of the renewal that other than an in principle acknowledgement that the market needs serious attention and intervention, it's hard to make any considered informed statements on any specific issue. On the other hand we have either wilful or emotive misinformation/disinformation published by an 'anti-renewal' group of people intent on either manipulating and politicizing the issues or being used to accomplish that end.
What is certain are the uncertainties the future brings. Many traders are fearful that renewal works can only add to the uncertainty. And that is the main reason that the 'anti renewal' message sounds alluring to an undefined number of traders ( it must be said however that a significant number of traders give in principle support to 'the renewal' notwithstanding waiting on the all important detail mentioned above, the majority are wary, a vocal minority have presumed to speak for all).
For some regular customers, the fear is to lose what is familiar. For conspiracy theorists, it's just great to have something to fear.
As always there is something for everyone at the Queen Victoria Market.

But all jokes aside, if there is one thing the market can no longer afford it's inaction and neglect. Any proposal or action will have detractors, one can only hope that in the end the true interests of the Market will win out and not misinformation, fear, politics and self interest which unfortunately seem to be the current drivers behind many who 'oppose' or speak against the renewal." - Ivano

28/04/2017 08:56:26 Interfering could cost our Market "This seems to be only Your   opinion."    Albert  Renwood  E Shed