Thursday 31 August 2017

Council Says Leave H&I For Fresh Produce

Tuesday night’s City of Melbourne Council Meeting considered a number of issues relating to QVM and essentially endorsed the new proposal for underground facilities at the top end of the market and the establishment of a Trader Support Program.

The meeting considered a Statement of Expectations which sets the ground rules for what CoM expects from its subsidiary company, Queen Victoria Market Pty.Ltd. 

Two changes were made to wording in the original agenda items with the word “expand” being added to a statement about the Market’s role – “Recognise, protect and expand the Market’s original and primary role as a fresh food market”.

And those concerned about the transformation of H&I Sheds to an eating area will be pleased with this resolution from Council – “Requests the Chief Executive Officer to communicate to the board of Queen Victoria Market Pty Ltd Council’s explicit view that sheds H and I should remain predominantly for the purpose of fresh produce trading.”