Sunday 20 August 2017

Traders Are Troublemakers

Before any member of the management team starts nodding their head, or any trader accuses me of trader-bashing, let me explain.

“Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble-making individual” is a quote by Natalie Clifford Barney who was an American playwright, poet, and novelist, and an influential feminist. Traders can understand what her quote is trying to say.

Entrepreneurs love the freedom of carving their own future, making their own decisions, and often avoiding or countering the impositions of society, community frameworks, and worst of all corporate or state structures. That trouble-making or rebelliousness is part of the creativity that drives customer engagement and progress in a small business environment.

The problem is that a renewal program does impede that creativity as traders are forced to do a very uncomfortable thing - they are expected to wait while business is disrupted and things are put in order. Traders will always look for ways to minimise that disruption which was the main driver behind the alternative proposal recently put up by the anti-renewal group. Unfortunately it meant relegating parkland to the top of a building and didn't adequately address OH&S concerns for Fruit & Vegetable traders.

But the latest proposal from the QVM renewal team could be good news. The renewal team is currently considering a proposal to reduce the footprint of the underground construction. They are looking at continued operation of the A,B,C, and D shed areas adjacent to Queen St. while they dig deeper at the Peel St. end. This would ensure that the retail “feel” along Queen St. and around the temporary pavilion will be retained during the period of construction. More will be revealed at a Trader information session on Thursday 24th August. (details here)

Continued business operation could be the winner in this move.

By Greg Smith (Trouble-maker)