Sunday 6 August 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 6/8/2017

Trader Departures – news has come through that one of our prominent sports shoes traders has given up his SL license and is considering the future of his PE stall. Also another one of our clothing traders has indicated he will be winding up his business soon.

Night Market First Impressions – one of our traders attended the Winter Night market for the first time this week and was amazed at how the wonderful the old building looked. He trades in the JKL precinct during the day but said that the night time lighting, and the lack of blockout displays really made a feature of the wonderful old architecture.

Guru Pete – has responded to the article last week showing his look alike in an Aldi ad for meat pies. Pete says he will grow a beard and say “Not bad” if it means free meat pies.

Anti-Renewal Petition – the sight of one of the box hire staff handing out anti-renewal leaflets in the market led one trader to say it was time that negative response was put to bed and we got on with change.

Return To The Past – a new trader in C Shed had his stock sitting on one of the old slatted tables supported by two timber trestles – no cloth and no merchandising material. Either he was unprepared or simply drawing on market tradition for his display. 

07/08/2017 13:56:47 Daytime stall blockouts "Have always maintained that blocking of stalls in the day market  is both visually detrimental and perhaps has an  affect on sales, I am a long term trader and believe that you should be able to see through  each shed  in its entirety."
It has been suggested that the removal of blockout displays actually allows greater focus on the stock up to eye level. Anything above that is just noise that complicates the viewing experience. Thanks for your input. - Ed.

09/08/2017 07:17:24 C Shed Trader "He has to have ticked enough boxes in his trader application to be accepted by Management and should be able to hit the ground running with gusto but clearly falls  visually short of other traders around him.Could benefit from some visual merchandise tips so time will tell."
You cant help but question the "incubation" role of management when new traders turn up un-prepared. But as you suggest this is correctable and without putting too much pressure on a new trader we will watch week 2 with interest. Thank you for your input. - Ed