Sunday 1 October 2017

Major Retailer Introduces New Technology To Boost Shopper Convenience

Shopping from a couch and tapping selections on a keyboard is pretty convenient (if a little boring) and is one of the reasons why on line shopping is booming. Introducing greater convenience into traditional bricks’n’mortar shopping trips makes a lot of sense and Target’s latest technology is designed to achieve just that.

Target US have an app, which when linked with beacon technology directs customers to the exact spot in store where they can find the item on their shopping list. No more aimless wandering, no more searching for a Shop Assistant, just go straight to the right shelf.

Target are able to curate their store offering by carefully positioning associated products along the way and of course they can interact through the app on alternative or complimentary purchases.

One of the key reasons for the Toys’R’Us bankruptcy application (apart from massive debt) was the fact that are an “aisle” store - a store that requires customers to walk up and down aisles searching for their product. I won't mention a certain major Australian retail market that does a similar thing. Target and others are obviously keen to improve the convenience factor for consumers.