Sunday 8 October 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 8/10/17

Rumour has it that a recent senior executive at QVM is about to become a trader following the purchase of a business in the Deli Hall.

The unpredictable nature of trade – we have reports of a generally lacklustre Grand Final weekend and although different traders can do well on different days, there have been reports of very strong trade in the top end on Thursday (5th) with diverse categories like ladies clothing, streetwear, souvenir, and jewellery traders all reporting good results.

Told you so! – a number of traders have scoffed at this week’s revelation of retail sales decline in August from official statistics. They say that analysts could simply have popped in for a discussion with market traders a month ago for a similar interpretation.

Old trader becomes new trader – look closely at the new trader on the right in this photo and you may remember Ben from around 12 years ago when he used to sell vegetable peelers in the market. Ben now has a business selling entomology frames (insects etc.) and he has joined the new traders in C Shed. Ex trader Charlie is also in the photo. Great to see both of you.

Most Concerning Issue - there are plenty of issues to concern traders (and retailers generally) at the moment but the most common concern this week has been the way we present our market. Empty stalls and large unoccupied spaces are a bad look.