Sunday 1 October 2017

Heard Under The Sheds – 1/10/2017

Water Cart Ticks The Box – The winter Night Market has a great innovation in the form of a water trailer. Essentially it is a portable water supply with taps to allow night time customers to wet their thirst. One observant trader (thanks Neil) noticed that the trailer was left out in the market after this week’s night trading and daytime customers were making good use of its service including filling water bottles. Sounds like it could be a very useful addition for all market activities, day and night.

Testing Caricaturists Talent – Most of us are in awe of the talents of our market artists but one customer really pushed the boundaries when he sat down for a caricature in full face paint. It didn’t faze our caricaturist and we can report that the customer was very happy with the result.

AFL Marketing Opportunity Lost? – When the brand new Friday Public Holiday was announced a few years ago to tie in with the AFL Grand Final, traders made a pitch through the TRC (Or the QVMAC as it was called then) to claim the day for QVM and last year there was some heavy promotion surrounding the occasion. One trader has complained that we seemed to drop the ball this year and apart from some social media promotion little was done. Not sure who dropped the ball but maybe the TRC and management could put a note in their diary for 2018.

Tantalising The Taste Buds In K Shed – BBQ’s are a feature at Grand Final time but when the smell of cooked meat drifted unexpectedly up K Shed on Friday around lunchtime it caused quite a stir.  Turns out a trader had decided to follow tradition and have a BBQ. The food smelled delicious and the only real complaint was that there was not enough to go around.

Was There A Grand Final? – one of our traders who normally brings extra staff into handle the pre-Grand Final rush was very disappointed with results this year.

Filling The Gaps – we made the suggestion last week that perhaps the move of traders over from C,D, and E Sheds to J – M Sheds could happen sooner rather than later and help fill the gaps. One trader has suggested that we use that opportunity to trial some alternative stall configurations and set up a test area similar to the night market.

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