Sunday 22 October 2017

CEO’s Monthly Briefing

Tuesday’s CEO’s briefing by CEO, Paul Guerra, included a presentation by John Turnbull from Pike Place Market. Other matters raised by the CEO were –
1.     All Queen St traders have been allocated alternative spots prior to construction of the New Pavilion. Placement may include Therry St. Alternative or better options will be considered as they become available.
2.     Upper market placements – a series of open and one on one consultations will be conducted to determine locations for displaced traders before construction starts under A,B,C and D Sheds.
3.     Abuse – following a couple of recent instances the CEO has warned that any abuse of management staff or contractors will not be tolerated and may involve termination of a trader’s license.
4.     Communication commitment – as part of the ongoing service to traders the CEO has guaranteed that management will respond to trader matters within 48 hours of a query being raised.
5.     Trading Hours – traders who have not received a survey seeking trader feedback on new trading hours should ask their Trader Representatives.
6.     Homework – at last month’s briefing the CEO agreed to find out some costs of advertising and reports the following-
-         Fifty 30 second TV advertisements (not necessarily prime time) and twenty cinema advertisements in December would cost $350,000.
-         Two full-page advertisements in the Herald Sun would cost $25,000 each.
-         The market is currently engaged in bus and tram stop advertising as well as radio.

The CEO concluded by saying –“The next 5 years is going to be tough. We happen to be trading at a point in history when a difficult renewal is happening”.

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