Friday 20 April 2012

Australia Post Launches Innovative Parcel Service

Australia Post have launched Farmhouse Direct which uses the postal system to get fresh food from farmer to consumer.
Much research has gone into suitable packaging for various types of fresh produce with the APO inviting primary producers to challenge them with any perishable goods problems.
Making it convenient for customers to access our goods deserves our attention. QVM traders rely on tourists and yet airlines are making it harder and harder for them to carry their shopping home. Traders need a convenient cost effective way of getting goods to their customers. We’d like to see Australia Post turn their attention to us as well. For starters, Farmhouse Direct includes a Flat Rate Box for consignments up to 15k with a flat postage rate anywhere in Australia. That sounds convenient.
If enough traders are interested, we wouldn’t mind making an approach to Australia Post. Click on “Like” below if you would be interested in more information.