Monday 16 April 2012

Trader’s Bulletin Article No.1 – Planning for the Future

We don’t often comment on Trader’s Bulletins but the April edition has a number of noteworthy issues, not the least of which is a comment on tough economic conditions and a statement on Planning for the Future.
The words are encouraging and the opportunity to participate in the future of the market is very welcome. Indeed, as major stakeholders, traders must be part of the solution.
We seem to have heard similar words back in April 2010 when the Trader Focus Groups were formed and it is fair to say that, if sales performance was our measure, then those activities failed. This is a different time and hopefully we are wiser. Maybe there will be more commitment from management and traders and maybe the newfound interest from our Lord Mayor will be significant.
We are positive and optimistic about the prospects of traders becoming involved in the future of QVM and urge all traders to give serious thought to what part they can play.

 16/04/2012 16:32:20 The CEO talks about consultation with traders. Fine words, but in the same Trader's Bulletin she announced the addition of a new trading precinct in M shed. Were General Merchandise Traders consulted on that proposal? Were any General Merchandise Traders asked to be part of the new concept? Consultation can take many forms - at its worst it is an information session after the event, at best it involves participation in all aspects right from the planning stage. We've probably already missed the best.  
17/04/2012 16:45:15 "Well said, on the one hand we read words indicating openness and collaboration, with the hope of bilateral input and implementation. Fine words indeed.
On the other hand we see the facts. "