Friday 20 April 2012

Generation Z Steps Out

An important part of modern retailing is understanding your customer and the latest tag we need to know is Generation Z.
Generation Y’s remember time before the dramatic takeoff of information technology but Generation Z’s grew up in it. They have been nicknamed the “digital natives” because of their exposure to the world wide web, mobile phones, computers and tablets, and social networking with a multitude of mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and SMS.
Generation Z’s are more likely to volunteer their time to needy causes, be more cynical of politicians and marketing messages, likely to live in urban environments and likely to live at home longer with Mum & Dad paying many of their bills. They are less likely to smoke but more likely to drink alcohol. Their parents reduced spending on discretionary items to support them and Generation Z’s are likely to continue that pattern.
There are many contradictions in the make-up of Generation Z but their attachment to digital communication should be a guide for all retailers.