Friday 27 April 2012

Innovative New Online Clothing Try-on

Who hasn’t been confused by varying size standards between different clothing  suppliers.  At one retailer you can be a size S, at the next a size M, and so on.
An Estonian company has come up with shape-shifting robots that adjust to the body measurements you key in and show you how your clothing item will look. The main attraction of the new system for retailers is that it dramatically reduces stock returns. Apparently the robots are pretty close to getting things right.

Target in Australia are taking a different approach by launching a nationwide scanning program to accurately assess the size variations of Australian shoppers and compile a sizing standard that it is hoped will remove anomalies. Customers will be asked to stand in a booth for 60 seconds and in return will receive a detailed assessment of their body size. The data collected will be used by Target in designing new clothing items for the Australian market.

Correct fashion fit seems to be getting a big shake-up.