Friday 13 April 2012

Steve Price Comments on QVM

As the election of a new Lord Mayor (or the re-election of the incumbent) gains ground we can expect lots of debate and the QVM is part of the mix.
In today’s Herald-Sun, commentator Steve Price had this to say about QVM –
“Discussion recently about the Victoria Market is simply madness.
Vic Market, for those of us who use it to buy food, is a treasure. Debate about the extended activities of stall holders is a waste of time. Anyone who buys meat and fish knows that the wet areas of the market have never been better, they don't smell and the food is cheap and fresh.
Surrounding the deli stalls are a perfectly adequate range of fresh and organic fruit and vegetables, and the cages with live birds have even managed to survive - not to mention the wonderful fresh doughnut van delivering jam doughnuts to happy shoppers. Across the road you can get hardware and cooking gear and so what if there are a couple of beanie stores and jeans retailers.
Council needs to talk about what we need to fix, not spend time and money talking about the treasures we already have.”

Mr. Price appears to fall into the “don’t change things” camp, and, whilst his fondness for QVM is very much appreciated we wonder whether it is this “no changes” philosophy is in fact at the root of our current dilemma.
Try making a living here at the QVM Mr Price, and you may see the need for significant change.

13/04/2012 19:56:24 Once again the highlight is fresh produce, but can you blame him 
30/04/2012 16:54:14 This guy just proves he is so much out of touch.what an idiot.he surely isnt a general merchandise mention.just friut vegi deli and that what QVM is all about. I would love to see how busy and worst off the market is without the general merchandise sellers.We do attract the majority of tourists.why the hell would a Japanese tourist or someone from Newcastle want to buy fish or vegies...I am pretty sure there is a strong correlation between the way the market has become in general and the number of spending customers with many fruiterers also finding things tough.. People we are not attracting the quality customer.Look at these stupid festivals and new sit down ridiculous coffee place in C shed..Plenty of people coming and wasting time.Please let's get some serious people with some frank opinions who understand a little more.thanks steve price comments on QVM