Sunday 15 April 2012

Infringement Notice Letters

Many traders have received letters threatening an infringement notice for not completing Online Induction but the situation is easily corrected.
The market went to an online system last September partly to save us from those tiresome fire/evacuation meetings in the food court. Now you need access to a computer before going to the QVM website to complete the induction. You are asked a number of questions about various aspects of market operation and the whole thing takes just 10-15 minutes of reading and clicking options on a computer screen.
If you didn’t complete the online induction last September you will have received one of these letters, so get online now, or, if you don’t have regular access to a computer (in which case you probably won’t be reading this article) call in at the 513 Elizabeth St. office and the staff will help you out.
A word of warning – your editor thought he had completed the online process only to be told that he was officially an inductee of The Geelong Night Market so make sure you fill out the correct section.

15/04/2012 20:08:03 "Editor.  You probably did the correct induction last year. I also did Fire/Safety online last year and printed out the receipt verifying it. When I logged on to my profile last week it also showed that I had completed induction for The Geelong Night Market. Maybe an explanation from The Administration will be forthcoming but I doubt it.