Saturday 27 October 2012

Apple’s New Passbook Feature Could Be Ground Breaking For Retailers.

Apple’s latest update to its mobile phone software included a new feature called Passbook which most people have ignored but it could be a dramatic marketing tool for retailers.

Passbook is an app for receiving, collating and using special offers, tickets and loyalty points. The first time I read that I almost fell asleep but then the clever article writer gave an example of how it could be used and I quickly woke up. Imagine you are walking past a coffee shop and you get a phone alert offering you a free chocolate chip cookie with your cappuccino. If I was remotely interested in a coffee I’d be tempted by the offer. The way it works is you get a barcode on your phone which can be instantly redeemed at the coffee shop register.
Translate that process to almost any retail transaction, including what you sell, and the possibilities look very attractive. I’m not sure how you actually create that alert on the customer’s phone but I am going to find out. More to come.