Monday 29 October 2012

STOP PRESS: QVM A Winner In Council Elections

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has been re-elected in a landslide victory and promises a $100 million-plus redevelopment of Queen Victoria Market.

“It’s obviously a very strong mandate. I think that’s because we spelt out the policies that people wanted” he said. A priority will be to redevelop QVM. “That much-loved icon needs a major investment from the city in order to restore it to our No.1 attraction – it could be the Federation Square of that part of the city.” The project would improve car parking, landscaping, and open space, but preserve the historic sheds and meat and fish sections.
Mr Doyle won a massive 41% of the primary vote in the Town Hall elections, easily out-polling main contenders Mr. Singer (15.6%) and The Greens, Alison Parkes with 14.8%. Other plans by Mr. Doyle include a Transport Museum at a re-vitalised Docklands, and the transformation of the Flinders and Elizabeth streets corner as the city's gateway.

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29/10/2012 08:43:12 QVM a "winner" "No offense to anybody but I will declare QVM a "winner" when I start to see some of the fine print and have some detail on what the actual intentions are and the immediate and long term impact on Traders." You Know Hugh
 29/10/2012 12:50:53 re election  promises. "I agree with Hugh. Politicians, are  not to be  taken  at their word, that is a fact. They tell people what they know people would like to hear.Once elected its a different story. That is  a sad fact of life in any country." andypandy
29/10/2012 16:56:17 Election result "I think the headline is a little premature and I think you have to take into account a lot of stall holders do no support Mr Doyle. It's no time for a winning celebration."                   
29/10/2012 21:22:15 Lord Mayor QVM "To listen to the Lord Mayor talk about us, you may want to click on the following link."
29/10/2012 2152 QVM A Winner - "I'm not sure what I'm missing but Mr. Doyle is the first Lord Mayor in a while to invite traders to talks, arrange for us to have intensive discussions with the Chairman of the Board, and propose spending $100 million on re-generating the market. So why all the negativism? I think we can justify a little optimism here." - Editor.
29/10/2012 23:26:41 Lord Mayor Statement "Rewind back to Thursday afternoon, and perhaps we begin to understand present Trader sentiment and pessimism. Add in the general mistrust, negativity, frustrations and disappointments linked to how the Market has been allowed to slide to it's present state.
Admittedly it is also true that the general Trader tendency to place the blame exclusively on others with little introspection is also a contributing factor to the general attitudes expressed towards the words of the Lord Mayor.
At any rate I for one dare to hope that the ""line in the sand"" spoken about by Paul Guerra QVM Chair, will be soon set in concrete, not by facile pronouncements but by a new age of transparency and collaboration, of true consultation and mutual trust and respect. But I am painfully aware that it will take time and sincere effort to achieve thise things. I am prepared to give it a go! We dont have much to lose, but we may have a lot to gain."
30/10/2012 13:14:47 Council promises "Will wait and see they hardly ever come across with Election promises usually the only ones to benefit are the consultants." Jillian R  
30/10/2012 1420 via SMS -"Well The Lord Mayor of Melbourne has opened his mouth once again.
Looking to spend $100 mill on QVM. So council has a figure of $100mill but have no plans. It poses the question. How do you get to the figure of $100mill without knowing what you are doing?
Thursday 26 October, Stall holder, QVM management, Chairman of QVM Board, Board members, and the CEO of Melbourne city council had a meeting at the Jasper hotel.
At this meeting we were given nothing about the $100mill. Actually if we were mushrooms we were well nurtured at that meeting. Why only 10 min for questions? Mmmm need to wonder!!!
Q: Are the council just kicking the can as they have done in the past?
Q: Do the people who are making these plans know what is needed?
Q: what is anyone doing to get customers effectively into the market?
Q: Why is it such a secret?
Q: We have a council so willing to help! But everything to do with the market takes so long?
Q: Is it just a land grab?
Well that's my 2 cents worth." John Magno