Monday 8 October 2012

What The Alan Jones Debate Means For QVM

The Alan Jones debate has moved from making inappropriate public comments to the rights of consumers to influence corporate direction. Alan Jones' radio station has withdrawn all advertising from his show as listeners vent their anger direct with the advertising companies. Jones’ complaints of what he calls "cyber bullying" by listeners could just be part of the "new consumerism" we often mention on this website.

Consumers have their own broadcasting voice thanks to social media and they are not afraid to use it. At QVM we get our fair share of social media comment and fortunately it is generally favorable. But that is not always the case and you only need to see exchanges like the current QVM T-shirt debate on Yahoo Answers ( ) to see that the public is not shy about expressing its views online.
Is the Alan Jones case an example of "cyber bullying" or just a righteous public bringing an outspoken "shock jock" to account? One thing is for sure, we cannot ignore the influence of social media, or any online news source, if we are concerned about public perceptions and our trading reputation.

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12/10/2012 22:59:44  "I kinda agree a bit with them in yahoo as I said in the last meeting management need to do a bit of quality control I think as some of the products are giving us a bad name. The image needs to be revamped as a place where you can buy good quality merchandise at a cheap price."