Thursday 4 October 2012

Just Don't Make The Alan Jones Mistake.

Before email there was snail mail. Before social media there was, well... talking, news reports and various forms of communicating. Social media is something quite different. One of its key attractions is personal insights into people's feelings but it also extends into a useful business tool by indicating personal consumer preferences.

Stamping your  business presence on social media is quite simple. Just set up a business page, invite your friends to "like" your page and start posting interesting stuff. There is a technique to posting interesting stuff and you will find plenty of tips on line. Many Facebookers  have friends who seem to generate lots of "likes" with their Facebook comments and analyzing what they do is often a good guide.
Becoming a broadcaster is not difficult. Obviously we should avoid the outrageous and contentious so we don't offend like some of our high profile "shock jocks". 

In a separate post we have warned that social media is not going to generate immediate riches, but keeping your business and products in front of your customers on a regular basis cant be bad for retailers.