Thursday 25 October 2012

Restrained Feedback Meeting Lays Platform

The presentation screen for this afternoons meeting with The MCC and QVM Board said it was “Reporting Back” and that was pretty much all the meeting did.

Over 100 issues had been presented to the Board over 4 trader meetings and these issues were categorised under 5 headings –
1.       Communication and Marketing.
2.       Facilities (Appearance and maintenance).
3.       Operations & Site Management.
4.       Retail Offer & Mix.
5.       Parking & Access.

A number of minor issues have been attended to already (unblocking drains, hooks in toilets) and plans are underway to improve lighting and extend short term parking around the market from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. A full examination of car parking options will be made with similar attention to trading hour options. A communication system will be set up to allow trader input.
Reference was made to the diversity of the market and the importance of keeping like traders separated. MCC CEO Kathy Alexander talked about bringing tourist trams straight to the market and improving the pedestrian access around the market precinct.

Assurance has been given that traders will be “Hard-wired” into the decision making process and it would appear that the TAC will be given the core advisory role that was proposed earlier this year.
Those expecting a major announcement at this afternoons meeting will be disappointed although the discussion was generally positive and discussion with Board members after the meeting gave cause for some confidence that this is just the start of a long productive process that will give greater respect to the views and needs of traders.

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25/10/2012 21:16:50 meeting up with Melb.City Councillor "Well we were given a nice ( I use the word""nice"" in a VERY NON-DESCRIPTIVE WAY) speech; from some one in  my very humble opinion,that didn't really care what happens to us 'the traders' in the future.
because they turn away 75% of enquiries.If you believe this statistic you believe in the tooth fairy!
Does this Councillor really believe that if she is running on Saturday,someone in that room was going to vote 4 her?!?
In my humble  32and 3/4 years in the market,I have seen many a change,but,but,to repeat ALL the information that had been given by stallholders for a period of 6 'round table' sittings with Paul and the Office, to put this cleanly!!
Councillor you must think we are children in the 2nd grade or just plain simple!!
This market,QueenVictoria Market IS because of US not YOU!!
Now just put it on the table and say what your agenda is for QVM,WE have the right to know"
 Rosalie Rockman   
 25/10/2012 22:29:41 Feedback meeting "WOW fixed a drain and put a few hooks on toilet doors, impressive stuff. Also gave the impression the stallholder selection process was good enough as well as the advertising and marketing. Yep they certainly listened, everything is fine.
Those small amount of 15 min parking spots will be extended to a full 30min. WOW what a huge difference that will make, get ready for the huge crowds at the market.
Wouldn't it be good to no what they really want to do. Nah can't do that, that would be giving away the big secrets. "

 26/10/2012 09:19:56 The "Meeting" "I went with very little to no expectations, and all I can say is it vastly exceeded my expectations."   Hugh
 31/10/2012 21:10:08  "What a pathetic discussion that was. As I said they didn't tell us what they were going to do, they just outlined a few things. Gee they are going to do more research and surveys on the best way to do the carpark. We've told them, give the customers a discount rate via stallholders. Turn it into a multi level carpark."  Leah