Friday 19 October 2012

Trader Excites Customers with Simple Technology.

We ran out of business cards this week.

We probably get 5 or 6 requests per trading day for a business card and we print our own so there is no real excuse for running out but we got an interesting customer reaction to the alternative option we offered.

We told our customers - "Sorry we've run out of cards. Can we send you a digital card?" Of the six customers who asked for a card on Saturday, five agreed to give their email address and we sent them a card on the spot from a smart phone. Four of the five were visibly impressed with our use of technology and one actually waited at the stall for the email to come through to their phone. (Did you know 52% of Australian mobile phone users have smart phones?) .

Basically a digital business card contains the information you would put on a normal printed card but you design it on a smart phone or a computer and distribute it via the same technology.

Digital business cards have three big advantages over standard business cards.

1.    They are clickable - your customer just clicks on your phone number, email address, or website address to be immediately connected.

2.    They are easily filed - your customer can enter your details in their address book with one click.

3.    Your customer gives you their email address for later contact.

We used the iPhone app "The Card" for our customer exchange but there are many similar options.