Friday 5 October 2012

Heads Up QVM T-Shirt Traders

The reputation of T-Shirt sellers at the Queen Victoria Market is at risk. Yahoo Answers is one of the premier question sites on the world wide web and somebody has just asked the following question –

 "How much does a good quality t shirt cost in queen victoria market, melbourne ?"

 So far there has only been one answer –

 "You mean--
Im wanting to buy a Tee Shirt at the markets
What part of the ''Made in China'' tag tells me it is any better than any other Tee Shirts on sale as they ALL have ''Made In China'' tags too?
In fact, now I come to mention it,there arent ANY Tee Shirts for sale here that ARENT ---
Made In China ???????
You dont beleive me--?? Check the neck tag Ducky !"

 Yahoo gives just four days for answers and this is a great opportunity for a QVM T-Shirt seller to give a professional response and earn some points for all traders. Go to this link to submit your response -