Thursday 22 November 2012

3AW's Neil Mitchell Broadcasts From QVM

Radio station 3AW is broadcasting from the market on Friday morning (23rd) and we understand there will be interviews with Melbourne's Lord Mayor and a number of traders.
The theme will be the future of the market and what needs to be done to improve it. This is all part of a broader media interest in the QVM over the last week with articles in the Age on Monday and Tuesday, a Channel 10 feature on Monday nights news, and a feature on Channel 7's news on Thursday evening. (click here for news feature)
The future of the market is big news although we are still in discussion stage, with the main issue in Channel 7s news, for instance, being the lack of information about what is actually planned.
Watch this space - and tune in to 3AW friday morning.

22/11/2012 19:56:28 3aw friday morning live at the market "Neil Mitchell will be interesting tomorrow morning ,Friday 23rd Nov.He starts at 830am outside I shed
stallholders this is a great OPPORTUNITY to have our say,publicly!! Please do so.He's been promoting the market as drab, but he says he has  no solution to revamp it,
do we have any ideas? You betcha!!"
 rosalie rockman  

 24/11/2012 12:28:31 3 AW Broadcast " Well Done  Leah and Austin   The thing is we need to get people comfortably into the market and also easy to  exit  comfortable enough to stay awhile and shop (spend a lot) and that means improvements Customer Comfort should be high priority" Jill and alby    E Shed