Tuesday 20 November 2012

Traders Receive Questions From Channel 10

In our previous post we mentioned our practice of asking media outlets for written questions which we would answer in writing. Here are the questions from Channel 10 on Monday and our answers.
What have traders been told about the redevelopment of the Queen Victoria Market?
We have been told very little actually and haven’t seen any specific plans. 

How much consolation have you had with the council over the proposed redevelopment?
At best we could say that whilst we have had discussions on general issues at the Market actual consultation on redevelopment is yet to begin.

Are traders frustrated with the amount of time it is taking for a redevelopment plan to be formulated? Are they concerned if something isn’t done to improve the market soon, their trade will be affected?
Our concerns are more related to the substance of the proposed changes rather than the timeline at this stage. In that until we see the true nature of the redevelopment plans we really can’t comment on what effect the redevelopment may have on trading at the Market.

What would the traders be looking for in a redeveloped QVM?"
Whilst we don’t believe we can really contribute meaningfully to that discussion until we see what council has in mind. Traders are keen to see that the Queen Victoria Market maintains its role as an important provider of goods to local families and city visitors. Measures for the development of the market must make sure that connection between traders and their customers is enhanced and meets future needs.

....and here is a summary of what was said on the Channel 10 News at 5:00pm, Monday.

 ...the lord mayor robert doyle today refused to buy in, but council denies he's ducking the issue.
With the queen victoria market back in the headlines robert doyle was set to hand over a charity cheque today instead his deputy was sent in his place.

"We were expecting the lord mayor, unfortunately hes been caught up in another meeting, so. That's the breaks mate, you cant have everything."

Susan Riley, refusing to be drawn on the market redevelopment.
"No comment on the redevelopment of the vic market at all today?" (Reporter) (susan riley keeps walking offering no comment)

Plans to revitalize the site were mooted more than 2 years ago, but there been little action.

"There have been some interesting proposals discussed but we will await a formal proposition". (Premier Ted Baileau)

Vic Market Traders claim they have been kept in the dark, in a statement the Markets Advisory Committee says "actual consultation on redevelopment is yet to begin". Thats almost 2 years after the former City Councillor Peter Clarke took an $18,000 taxpayer funded trip to review overseas markets.

 A spokesperson for the Council denied that the Lord Mayor was hiding from the media while also confirming that Robert Doyle wouldn't be making any comments on the Queen Victoria Market redevelopment.
The council is reportedly concerned the state government will not hand over a key piece of land that will finance the works.

"Its a great asset, its a great part of our story and hopefully some of the difficulties can be dealt with" (Daniel Andrews - Opposition Leader)

The city council says the new administration is yet to be briefed on the redevelopment and wont comment.