Wednesday 14 November 2012

Rent Increase For PE Traders

QVM have sent letters to traders advising that a November rent increase in line with the Consumer Price Index will be applied to PE Traders. The increase will not apply to SL licence holders.

The increase is 2% which represents an increase of $6 per week (before GST) to a trader operating a standard double stall for 5 days, and will take effect from 4th December 2012.
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15/11/2012 22:05:57 Rent rise accountability? "Well,no surprises with the rent rise!! I would have been more surprised if the people that decided on this, would have thought we are being punished enough so kick us while we're down!! Councillor CEO should have put a stop to this. ALL the times the stallholders sat and spoke to Mr Guerra and assoc. was an absolute waste of OUR time.They heard nothing of the stress of the stallholders,shame,shame,shame on you Ms.Councillor!!! In my humble opinion the buck starts and stops with you." rosalie rockman    
 14/11/2012 14:09:37 Rent increases "Hey SL Licence holders hope you’re getting the message, PE Licence Traders must be raking in the money and totally immune from the Retails woes affecting SL Licence holders, so get with the strength, abandon those "voluntary"  licences come over to the dark side!" You know Hugh     
14/11/2012 14:10:33 Rent Increase "Why only some Traders  ( as usual )  when will they get it right As in rules It should apply to all or not all . And  People who have signed lease  agreements have signed up for terms and conditions such as a  rent increase or is it because  "The" other traders not suffering as much?" J. Renwood