Friday 30 November 2012

Never Sell A Bone To A Dog

Dogs know everything there is to know about bones, and if you try to sell them an inferior product or, your sales pitch shows you don’t understand the nuances of bone selection, you are doomed to failure.

In a more related sense, if you are in your business because it looked like a good way to make money, or you stumbled on a profitable source of supply, but you haven’t developed a true passion for the product, your customers will know, and your business will suffer. Equally, if you have the passion, but your staff doesn’t, your business will suffer.

How often do we see successful businesses fail under a new owner who was lured by the success of the business but didn’t have the passion that contributed to its success? The Queen Victoria market is not immune from this scenario. We have traders who are in business for reasons other than a true passion and commitment. We all suffer as a consequence.

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