Wednesday 21 November 2012

Revamp Of Victoria Market - Age Article

Monday mornings article in the Age is an interesting one, and gives a bit of an overview of where we sit in the market's re-development process.

Much of what is written has been aired before although a reference to a possible re-introduction of a wholesale fruit & vegetable market at QVM is new to us.

The Age lists the following possible options:

 A multi-level car park under the existing heritage-listed ‘‘top’’ sheds requiring relocation and return of heritage-listed sheds.

Transformation of the existing ground-level car park for a park or plaza.

New, long-awaited storage, washing and cooling facilities for traders.

Reconfiguration of roads around the market.

A new wholesale fruit and vegetable precinct to capture some of the trade when the current wholesale market at Footscray closes (the new wholesale market is also opening at Epping).

Extended market trading hours and a greater variety of restaurants, cafes  and entertainment.

This issue is certainly hotting up. Trader Representatives have been approached by various media people over the last week, and we can expect the QVM to be in the news.

On the question of media liaison, we should point out that your Trader Representatives adopt a very low key approach. We do not wish to ignore media people trying to do their jobs but, in an attempt to control "the uncontrollable", we ask any media outlet to submit questions in writing, and we are happy to respond in writing.