Friday 9 November 2012

Should Smoking Be Banned At QVM?

Found a recent customer review about QVM on the Trip Adviser website

“Its about time they got into 20th century. Why is smoking allowed within this venue..I saw stall holders smoking as well as visitors. Unbelievable in this age? never again.”
Anecdotally, traders have complained about neighbour's smoke drifting into their stall, and particular reference has been made to smoking around the meat hall and deli hall entrances/exits often by traders and their staff. The movement against public smoking moves on steadily as more and more locations activate bans. Is it time for QVM?

Just asking.

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09/11/2012 17:46:58 smoking "yes , it should be stopped....
it looks terrible watching the butchers, and fishmongers, sitting or standing by the doors smoking, and then going back to handle the food." andy 
 09/11/2012 18:26:37  "I am a smoker and think its about time that it was banned." tony