Sunday 25 November 2012

What Is The Future For General Merchandise at QVM?

Friday’s radio broadcast from the QVM was intended to examine the market’s future and what needs to be done to ensure its prosperity. If you want to listen to the broadcast go here - and click on the Neil Mitchell show. After a few minutes of preamble you get straight into the interview with the Lord Mayor and then a discussion with Paul Guerra, Chairman of the QVM Board.

Much of the discussion covers issues that have been raised before but there are a few points to look at, including the Lord Mayor’s comment that the percentage of the market devoted to fresh food has been declining . He was at pains to point out that there will always be a place for General Merchandise but it is fairly obvious that current thinking is looking to expand the fresh food offering. The Lord Mayor said - “That’s not to say you get rid of General Merchandise, because there is absolutely a place for that as well but it has to be our premium fresh food market.”
This raises many questions.
-          Are there too many General Merchandise stalls?

-          Have GMT numbers been expanded to fill in the vacancies left by departing food stalls, and has that expansion been at the expense of a quality stall mix?

-          Local customers have an obvious food bias, but if you asked tourists, would they agree with this assessment?

-          Are General Merchandise Traders prepared to accept continued marketing neglect (lack of tourism promotion) while QVM prepares its future in food?

The most common question asked of Trader Representatives is “When are we going to get some results?” It is a fair question, and regrettably the whole process is still in consultation phase. In Friday’s broadcast, the Lord Mayor talked about a 7 – 10 year program. Waiting is a real problem.

We don’t need $110 million to start a significant tourist promotion program. Some of that $6 million annual contribution to the MCC would do fine. What about it Paul Guerra? What about it Robert Doyle? Does General Merchandise really have a place at QVM?

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27/11/2012 21:25:23  "Of course General Merchandise has a place at QVM !! but.... but I must say it is too repetitive. How do we alter what the QVM Office has allowed? Which stall are there too many of? Cheap end of the handbags?/two in each aisle!! Sports shoes? How many allowed?/ One possibly two per aisle!!Scarves and cheap jewelery combined there are at least 6 in ones hands./ Thats just ridiculous!! Australian souvenirs?/ two in every aisle!! My issue  with these is am I being unreasonable? Absolutely not!!
I know this situation is nuts! fix it,good luck! "