Monday 31 August 2015

Don't Read This - The Rebels Amongst Us

Every now and then an editor writes a piece that he or she knows is not mainstream, a little out of left field, and a little abstract. The sort of article that you know is going to get a "What is that all about!" reaction from some readers. This is one of those articles. It concerns the rebels amongst us at QVM.

I was reading a web article (the subject doesn't matter) and there were a number of comments made by readers at the end. A tagline on one of the comments caught my eye. Taglines are usually a pithy sort of comment that a person attaches to all their comments. It might be something like - "The future isn't what it used to be" or (and I love this one) "If your feet smell and your nose runs, you're built upside down."

But this is the tagline that caught my eye - "The truth is out there.Trust no one.Deny everything.Admit nothing.Accuse everyone." - and I realised that a number of QVM Traders could have written that tagline. At QVM we have a number of traders who believe that their sole purpose in life is to "keep the bastards honest". And, it is true that every worthy idea or project deserves careful analysis but if your only purpose in life is to question without actually doing the analysis then, do we really need your views? It is easy to be critical and maybe that is why we have so many criticisers amongst us. But it is an unhealthy culture, and one that can rapidly get in the way of achieving progress.

Entrepreneurial progress requires a degree of chance. Successfully navigating through our current global retail recession will involve breaking some new ground and a little experimenting. "A ship in the harbour is safe but that is not what it was built for." Getting a balance in the issues surrounding QVM should be our aim. Are traders entitled to express their opinion? Of course they are, but uninformed criticism has a price. It doesn't do justice to important issues, and it can cast a negative or cynical pall over progress. QVM's rebels have a lot to answer for.

Of course many of history's rebels weren't just rebellious. They were creative thinkers and if they had been market traders they probably would have been entrepreneurs. At QVM we need fewer rebels and more entrepreneurs.

As the title suggests, this article is not for everyone. But if you have read this far, thanks for reading.

Tagline "Constant change is here to stay."

31/08/2015 16:22:20 Greg's latest article "A cat amongst the pigeons.....go Greg,!"
Thanks for your input - Ed.

01/09/2015 06:42:53 re taglines article "This was spot on ,agree with editor 100%." Andy
Thanks for your input Andy - Ed.