Sunday 9 August 2015

In Search Of A Catch Phrase For QVM

QVM's re-branding event on 4th September will include a "positioning statement" or "catch phrase" to go with our new logo. Management are still seeking input on what might be the most suitable statement and some options will be presented at meetings next week.

But why wait until then? What are your thoughts on what statement might be suitable? We can't show you our fresh new logo yet but it is envisaged that the statement  will accompany the logo so it will need to be easily read and quickly identifiable.

"Melbourne's Market"

Trader Tien believes that "Melbourne's Market" might be best because it encapsulates what tourists are looking for when they come to our city, a unique Melbourne experience. And it is relevant to locals, many of whom take ownership of our unique icon. We like Tien's thinking.

 We would love to get your thoughts on Here are some ideas to get those creative thoughts flowing. Just click on "ADD YOUR STATEMENT" below.

"Market of Markets"

"Real Food, Real People, Real Melbourne"

"Rediscover Your Market"

"An Experience To Remember"

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09/08/2015 12:55:43 Catch Phrase How about - "A Better Way To Shop"