Sunday 9 August 2015

Trader’s Idea For Grand Final Friday

Friday 2nd October is a new public holiday in Melbourne (Grand Final Friday) and trader, John Magno, thinks we should make it special for QVM. John’s philosophy is that linking a special market event with a new public event will ensure an ongoing relationship that could produce a valuable sales boost for traders.

Essentially he is suggesting that Grand Final Friday would be a trading day for interested traders. He is expecting that fresh food traders would want to take advantage of the food demand on Grand Final weekend (BBQs etc.) and that a special market could be created in the top end. Our city will be full of football fans including intrastate and interstate visitors looking for entertainment over the weekend.

John is suggesting a 10am to 10pm trading day on the Friday with sheds F through to A curated as a special market and, if demand allowed, incorporating J,K, and L sheds as well. Special entertainment would be feature of the event with music stages set up at the Queen St end of F to A and also at the top end of F to A on Peel St. Live bands (family friendly bands) would entertain for an hour at the top end and then an hour at the bottom end giving customers a variety of entertainment and shopping options.

Food would be available at F shed and perhaps along the centre walkway with suitable seating areas also provided. John doesn’t believe that Queen St. itself should be used for food. He suggests that keeping food under the roof line will be more beneficial to the trading results within the top-end. If J, K, and L were not used for trading then that space could be used for additional parking.

John’s idea ticks a number of boxes including –
1.     Linking up with a major city event.
2.     Providing a boost to October sales.
3.     Trialling alternative trading hours for day traders.
4.     Trialling a night market format for day traders.
5.     Establishing a template for other public holidays or special event days.

What do you think of this idea?

14/08/2015 15:17:52 Positive thinking "Well done!!! That's positive thinking John Magno.... We need more like you" . Bruce Pham Thanks for your input Bruce - Ed