Thursday 6 August 2015

QVM Re-branding Event

Last weekend’s QVM Traders Bulletin contained information on a QVM re-branding event which will take place on 4th September. Re-branding is an important function for organisations wishing to mark a point in time when they redefine their image.

The QVM re-branding will be centred around a new logo which Marketing Director, Mark Smith said “is about articulating the future now, about actually doing something real/tangible and specific and doing it now!” “Our new branding is vibrant, energetic, fresh and contemporary.......... The whole purpose of re-branding at this time is to immediately help build customer numbers and sales.” The re-branding event will herald the beginning of "a major day market advertising campaign throughout September!"

Part of the re-branding will be a “positioning statement” or if you like “catch phrase” which adds words to the new image. Mark Smith has invited traders to contribute to the process of selecting the positioning statement – We also want to involve traders in deciding what is the best ‘strap line’ or ‘positioning statement’ to accompany the new logo.  At the moment we simply have ‘Since 1878’ under our logo.  You might like to start thinking about that and possible new ‘lines’ that you think are relevant. Or maybe we keep that.”

Meetings will shortly be held with traders who wish to learn more about the re-branding and contribute their views. We expect to have more details over the weekend.