Sunday 2 August 2015

Retail News Briefs:

Most Trusted Brands:
According to Readers Digest, Dettol is the most trusted brand in Australia with Bunnings topping the retailers list, Coles on top in the supermarket category, and Dulux, Colgate, Band-aid, and Liptons all figuring highly.

Push For Entrepreneurship Visa:
The federal government is being approached to consider a special visa category that would facilitate hiring specialists from overseas to assist local entrepreneurial ventures. It is claimed that the current Business Talent Visa sets the bar too high particularly for start-up founders.

Franchisees Take Pizza Hut to CourtSome 280 Pizza Hut franchisees are taking the parent company to court over a pricing strategy that saw Pizza Hut offer pizzas for as little as $4.95 during a discount price war with competitor Domino’s.

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