Sunday 23 August 2015

Thief Caught On Camera At QVM

Trader Mino has security cameras at his stall and he managed to capture this vision of a customer helping himself to some of his top-of-the-range leather goods. It is a fairly long video and we must congratulate Mino on the quality of his presentation. More news after the video.

As you can see the bags were returned. Apparently our culprit was caught in an adjoining aisle and Mino's approach was interesting. He congratulated the customer on finding his lost bags and asked where he found them? The customer vaguely pointed and handed back the bags. This thief had acted quite calmly up until now but when Mino asked him to wait for the arrival of security so they could record details he suddenly took flight in a very undignified way. 
Finally, congratulations to Mino's alert neighbour for pointing out the theft.

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