Saturday 7 January 2017

The Top Rated Victraders Articles For 2016

Victraders is a small player in the field of world news but we like to think that our articles are relevant to a particular group of people who love the Queen Vic Market. 

And our readership has remained strong in 2016 with some articles recording outstanding reader interest.

There might be many reasons why an article polls highly. It may be a new and exciting event, a controversial stance on a market issue, or simply because media readership, particularly social media, can go viral for mysterious reasons.

Here is our list of top articles for 2016 - Just click on the item to go to the article.

New and Exciting certainly featured with the following articles –
New TV Series – My Market Kitchen certainly gathered a lot of interest when it was announced back in May.
High Profile Chef Joins Market – the announcement of Scott Pickett’s new restaurant back in July was a strong contender.
Traders Lusting Over Temporary Market – this article raised great expectations for new trading opportunities amongst Specialty Traders although in the end our Fruit & Vegetable Traders got the gong.
A Grand Night For Traders – the inaugural Trader’s Awards Night on 1st November caused quite a fuss on Victraders and all for its “feel good” content.

Controversy – there was no shortage of controversy in 2016 and with more than 600 independent traders, and a renewal in the wind, it was no wonder.
A Conflict Of Interest For Box Hirers – Box Hire operators started to get involved in the politics of renewal and this article took them to task back in June.
Leave Our market Alone – was an article about (well-intentioned) interferers in market matters and we understand the article was even mentioned by a lawyer in a State Government planning committee hearing. That might explain why it had such high readership.
The Anti-renewal Movement Is Becoming A Bit Of ACircus – another dig at the anti-renewal group and this time a group called STAG decided to enter the fray.
Let’s All Take A Deep Breath – was published in July and attempted to address controversies like those mentioned above. The fact that it rated so highly suggests that plenty of readers agreed with its purpose.

Trader’s Comments – trader’s comments are guaranteed to attract attention on Victrader’s and this article topped the category. It contains a few issues from a couple of our regular contributors. We shouldn’t forget that it is not just traders reading the website. Many groups, including city hall, value unfiltered trader views.

The TOP Articles – and this is where social media and outside interests influence readership figures.
Marketing Sub-committee Comes Up With Some Great Ideas – this was an article back in February about trader discussions on marketing and obviously expert opinion from those on the ground is highly valued across the web.
Council Elections – QVM Wins And Loses – this article concerned the loss of market supporter, Stephen Mayne, in Council elections. Stephen mentioned our article in his twitter feed and with nearly 30,000 followers it was no wonder we got a lot of connections.

So that is our list of most read articles for 2016. 

What does the future hold for Victraders? 

The next few weeks will be a good time to review the future of We will shortly have a new group of Trader Representatives and an emphasis on communicating through local meetings. A new era in trader communication is about to start and it will be interesting to see how traders respond.