Sunday 1 July 2018

A Retail Revolution Is A Call For Action

This week another high profile entrepreneur left the market. This trader has been very active in trader matters over many years and is known for his no-nonsense approach to fixing market problems. He regularly attended market meetings, always making a contribution, and his advice has been instrumental in a number of innovations including some under the renewal banner.

These are people we cannot afford to lose but unfortunately there are two things that are working against us. Firstly, the retail revolution itself and the impact on business incomes (although good entrepreneurs will often see this as simply another challenge to overcome). Secondly, the pace of change and the perception that too many voices are stagnating real action at QVM.

In the outside retail world, change is happening at a blistering pace. The Amazon’s, Macy’s, Ikeas of this world are wheeling out new ideas every week. Many of their ideas are short lived but that doesn’t matter because in a retail revolution you try just about anything. It is a race to find the key ingredients that will finally make up a new order of retailing. This is entrepreneurship and it fuels the fire of businesses who will not accept decline and who will look for progress.

Compare that with QVM. We have some traders who actively resist change. We have do-gooders who want to leave things as they are. We have a State Government that is listening to too many voices and has an election coming up and would prefer not to offend anyone. The decision making is just too long, too compromised, and too inactive. Is it any wonder that good entrepreneurs are questioning their role at this market.

A retail revolution is a call for action. Sadly, many traders believe there is not enough action at QVM, and many good entrepreneurs may find it difficult to wait around.

By Greg Smith

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01/07/2018 21:57:20      Retail Revolution    "The Retail Revolution  as you refer to it may be one aspect of the markets decline but years of not reinvesting in the markets future maybe now too late to catch up.
Good entrepreneurs may find the grass is greener else where or at lease worth a try.
The Renewal was never going to help traders in the short term rather than a long term vision but we are here and now and some traders are going to be collateral damage for the future.
That price is too much to pay for many traders."
Yes, I guess the point is that many traders were prepared to suffer the short term pain for a grand(er) vision for QVM. But it is the delay in getting things done that really causes a re-think. Thanks for your input - Ed.