Sunday 29 July 2018

The Perfect Trader For The Committee of Trustees

The ink had hardly dried on Lord Mayor, Sally Capp’s, announcement of a Committee of Trustees to advise on QVM matters before names were being thrown about as to which trader(s) should be on the committee. At the end of this article we have picked our best choice.

The politically active groups were off at a run and even the Union is reported to have expressed its views. Not that there is anything wrong with that. This is an important and welcome innovation for traders and selecting the right candidates is equally important.

If you think about it, this committee will need some pretty special people. It will be considering important and complex issues. QVM is a complex place. There are many different aspects to consider - different products, different customers, different ways of operating our businesses. What most traders will want is candidates who have the capacity, and desire to treat each issue on its merits, put in the time to evaluate, and seek wider trader input, before advising in committee.

So that got us thinking about what might be desirable qualities for a trader candidate –
1. A balanced outlook – any strong anti or pro attitudes may limit serious consideration of important issues so an open, inquisitive mind is probably important here.

2. Entrepreneurship – this is retailing, and ultimately the level of business at QVM will determine all our futures. We need to grasp opportunities, as they arise.

3. Glass half full/half empty – following on from the previous points is the need to balance our approach to new concepts. Saying “no” is safe but get’s you nowhere and saying “yes” without considering all the consequences is equally dangerous. Fortunately, many of the propositions put to this committee will have expert advice to back them.

4. Homework – an ideal candidate will put in the hard work on issues, seek outside advice, particularly from impacted traders, but not handball to someone else.

5.Superpowers – Yes, being responsible for 600 traders in a retail revolution, compounded by renewal, is a daunting task for any mortal being and our candidates may need super powers.

Which brings us to our choice for a trader candidate.

It is Market Man. This caped crusader (reported to be Superman’s cousin) appeared on these pages a few years back, and is dedicated to righting wrongs at QVM. He may be just the right choice to represent traders on a Committee of Trustees.

Now, we have introduced Market Man for a bit of fun but we don't want to diminish the importance of this process. We have not been asked to submit names for the committee and the term “expressions of interest” in the official text is vague enough to make it unclear just how this will work, but that shouldn’t stop all of us from thinking and talking about who might be most suitable. 

The Committee of Trustees is an excellent idea and getting productive representatives in place will be very important.

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29/07/2018 16:29:14      Market Man            "Can't we have a non-gendered super hero -  Rippa Retailer or Tenacious Trader etc etc "
Great names! - Ed.

30/07/2018 08:29:30      Market 'Man'          "Having spoken with Market 'Man' I can tell you that he feels gender neutral but he identifies more as a male. Hopefully you can respect that position "           MM
Understood - thank you for responding MM - Ed.