Sunday 1 July 2018

Comings And Goings – Good And Bad

Its people who give our market its vitality and when people changes happen we all seem to take notice. There have been a few this week.

In last week’s Heard Under The Sheds we asked what was going to happen with security guard, Charlie, when the security contract changed hands and a new company takes over on 1st July. We are very happy to advise that Charlie, and some of his fellow staff will be continuing at QVM with the new contractors. It certainly makes a lot of sense to keep their experience and expertise around the market.

Guru Pete’s cleaning duties around the market mean that he is highly visible to a lot of traders and his state of health has been a matter of discussion. Apparently last weekend he was looking particularly unwell and a number of traders were expressing concern. Pete admitted himself to hospital early this week and we were very pleased to see him back on deck on Saturday after a reassessment and some new medication. Sorry about all this exposure Pete, but you are an important cog in the market wheel.

Last week we published a “For Sale” article for Krista and Gerry’s Fairydance market business. Krista and Gerry have been long time active entrepreneurs at our market and their proposed departure is a warning. 

We all understand that the impact of the retail revolution may cause some rationalisation in trader numbers but you don’t want to lose the active high-profile businesses that help give our market its character.

This week another high profile entrepreneur has left the market. This trader has been very active in trader matters over many years and is known for his no-nonsense approach to fixing market problems. He regularly attended market meetings, always making a contribution, and his advice has been instrumental in a number of innovations including some under the renewal banner.

Let’s say it again - we cannot afford to lose good, active entrepreneurs at QVM.