Sunday 26 November 2017

A Big Tick For Direct Action

You might have noticed that Vicfree WiFi wasn’t operating within the market for at least a few days this week. We have come to rely on the wifi as an important tool for our customers and also our own communication. So what do you do when technology fails?

Well, one of our traders decided not to wait for others to take action and sent an email direct to Vicfree.
Just informing you that the Queen Victoria Market vic free wifi has not been functioning for about a week. At times it appears when searching wifi but an alert comes up saying "Unable to join the network"."

Within 24hrs Vicfree responded directly to the trader with a personal email and a promise to take the issue up with the technology providers, TPG. Another 24 hrs and the problem was fixed so that by Saturday full service was restored.

A Big Tick here for Vicfree who responded so quickly with a personal email and to our trader who decided that direct action was the best solution.