Friday 3 November 2017

An Offer Traders Can’t Refuse

We are sometimes accused of being pro-management on this website (we would prefer to call it balancedπŸ˜‡) but this is a great offer from the QVM Marketing Team that can give real benefits to traders.

We all know that we must have an online presence, that modern consumers demand some form of online contact. But it is all too hard, right? Wrong!!!

The QVM Marketing Team are offering Digital Packages under the Marketing Cooperative Program that gets you one on one with an experienced digital person and helps you through the process of establishing your own online presence. You don’t have to set up a complex product delivery process, you may simply choose to offer a basic click-and-collect-at-my-stall service.

Every trader can do this. Details are in the latest Marketing Email or go straight to this link to get the ball rolling -

Seriously, this is a good opportunity. If you have been thinking about establishing an online presence, now is the time. See you online soon.