Tuesday 21 November 2017

General Merchandise Briefing Reveals More Detail About Renewal

Today was the first of the after-market briefings for QVM General Merchandise Traders concerning the relocations that will occur early in the new year as construction starts under A-D Sheds.

General principles relating to relocation of traders, allocation of space, and operational adjustments were outlined in this move that may affect 100’s of top end traders, particularly those in C-D Sheds.

Traders who did not attend today’s briefing will have another opportunity on Thursday 23rd November to hear what is proposed, ask questions, and contribute to the debate. Executive Chair Paul Guerra warned that traders who did not turn up to the briefing couldn’t complain about the final outcome.

There is a lot to take in at the briefing and some traders will be significantly impacted by relocation. Parking a vehicle in your stall, occupying a corner position, operating multiple stalls, spreading your stall, or operating next to a vacant stall may involve you in change as the market is adjusted to fit all traders into a smaller space.  

The next and final briefing will take place in air-conditioned comfort at the Engagement Hub on Queen St. at 3:00pm this coming Thursday 23rd November.